C A R O L   R E I N L I E

Transformational Healer – Business & Life Intuitive – Next Level Coach

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Chances are you are here for something greater than what you may have experienced thus far.

Ready to let go of what is not working and receive the possibilities that are right here for you?               

You've come to the right place! Carol assists heart-centered lightworkers, healers, entrepreneurs and seekers who know they came here for AMAZING things to joyfully create everything their heart desires. She has the amazing ability to help those willing to go beyond where they have been before. Try a class, session, or reading with Carol and your life may never be the same.

Carol's IMAGINATION Podcast

What is next for you? Would you like to see ALL the amazing possibilities?  Join Carol and her illustrious guests as they dive into what is there for you outside of where you have always been - in life, relationships, money and business. Carol uses her intuitive guidance, energy healing capacities and real life business and life experience to assist her clients to jump to the next level in all areas. 

Carol Reinlie


We've all continually go through shifts. What is next? How could it turn out even better than you could have ever expected? Whether you are feeling stuck, or just want to go to your next level, Carol can help you see what possibilities are right here waiting for you. What are you waiting for?


Feel stuck? Something not changing? Your subconscious runs most of the elements of your life. Whether you feel stuck or just want to change your habits with smoking, weight, success or relationships, hypnotherapy is a very helpful quick change tool.


Ready to relax and release anything not working for you? Ready to give up stuck or pain? Reset your body and being with one of the many energy processes that could assist your being and body. What is holding you back from the life and body you desire?


Carol uses her intuitive gifts, keen awareness and facilitation skills to answer any questions you may have. An intuitive session can open doors to what could be next in your life or give guidance on life questions or challenges.

Carol Reinie Energy Healer Hypnotherrapist


"Carol is such a positive, encouraging person. She doesn’t just teach you, she gives you tools to create the life that you are meant to have. She has helped me let go of things Ive held onto for years, live in the present moment and dream and create the life I want. She is all about doing this with ease, speed, and possibility. I have learned so much in such a short period of time."

Rene Mango
Yoga & Transformation 

 "Carol has shown me how to connect into the quantum field to create, change or shift anything. It has made my life and business much more clear and the outcomes of my efforts much more quick and direct. Her Unimaginable Futures class should be a must for anyone desiring something greater in life and wanting to receive more joy in every day."

Dan Kauffman
Owner, Friction Tech

"I was impressed with the precision and depth of physical and emotional shifts received during a healing session. Carol's energy and contribution to my life journey has been  a gift. She has a kind and gentle way of helping you to play in the quantum possibilities. Her capacity to help open up to what is next past any blocks you may have put in your way is immense."

Dr. Audrey Delahunt
Consciousness Facilitator


The Universe Loves Speed

Carol quickly assists you to see what may be blocking your progress and opens up the space of your possibilities.

Forward Movement

No need to spend more time in the past. Let's get you quickly moving forward towards what lights you up.

Rewire and Refire

Once we address any subconscious or energetic habits in place, we knock them out for good so you can BE the future self you desire to be.



When you are ready to stop struggling with all the nonsense and start getting BIG results FAST... Get in touch.




Life is what we make it. Are you ready to expand into all you can be?


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